ebooks: A variety worth looking at

The following ebooks by Geoff Bateson are available on the Amazon kindle store:

It???s Murder on the Eleven
This light murder mystery is set around Birmingham???s famous Outer Circle number 11 bus route. When bus drivers start to be killed, passenger Gail decides to get to the bottom of it all.

Made in Birmingham: The Tales

Almost seventy short fictional tales as told by a wide variety of characters. The tales demonstrate a broad range of personalities and viewpoints.


Made in Birmingham: The Poems

This collection of poems was drawn together to cover a wide range of lengths and styles and to appeal to a broad variety of readers. Some are meant to be taken lightly and others are meant to be lingered over.


Another Glorious Day

Sam, for reasons that cannot be divulged here, is contained in a box ??? alone with his thoughts, memories and imaginings. Will he escape ???.? Read to find out.


Visit ‘Geoff Bateson’ at the kindle bookstore on www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com. The books are also available on the German, French, Spanish,??Italian, Canadian, Australian,??Dutch, Japanese, Indian,??and Mexican versions of Amazon.


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