Art and Creativity

The focus of this section is on art and creativity as these play out in society today. Content is produced as an interested observer rather than through any claim of expertise in art history, art theory or art practices. It is more along the lines of ‘some varied thoughts on…’; with strands of thought loosely connecting across with other broad themes on this site, i.e. contemporaneity, learning, cities, flourishing, speculation, research, writings, place, progress, urban existence……..and so on.

This section is a space for a range of short thinkpieces with a broad connection to art and creativity. Current articles are:

The Gallery contains a varied range of images without titles or further explanations. The images range across dimensions such as ambiguity/clarity; complexity/simplicity; urban/rural; constructed/natural…….and so on. Over time the images may change fairly randomly as the mood takes me. A selection appear in the sidebar as a taster. The images are free for anyone to enjoy and use and are made available for non-commercial, non-profit use (with an acknowledgement of this website being the source). Ultimately we assert our right to be recognised as the originators of all materials on this website, including the Gallery images.