Learning and Work

Learning and Work are both approached very broadly in this section.

The interest in Learning encompasses:

  • formal learning structures
  • informal learning opportunities
  • children’s early learning and development
  • learning organisations and learning cities
  • learning by design and learning by choice
  • learning that is pushed-in to timetable, and learning that is pulled-in as needed
  • learning for employability and learning for social progress
  • … and so on.

The interest in Work encompasses interests in:

  • leadership, management and governance
  • work structures that work
  • employment and young people
  • wages and inequalities
  • work-support programmes
  • being occupied (paid or otherwise)
  • ‘really useful’ work
  • the value of work
  • wellbeing and occupation of self
  • …. and so on.

Currently within this section are: