Odds and Ends

This section is the space for anything that does not neatly sit on any other page on this site. In a world that is over classified, over-categorised and over-defined, there is likely to be a need for a bit of openness, vagueness and ambiguities (and even oddity).

What’s the Big Idea? – sets out some of the early thinking behind this site – what might go on it and where it fits with other changes.

Moving the mountain– A full-length document bringing together a number of 2003 seminar and conference inputs describing the origins, mechanisms and progress of Birmingham’s city-wide programme to bring literacy and numeracy levels up to national levels from a very low starting base, via a multiagency partnership company arrangement.

Core Skills Development, Birmingham and Geoff Bateson: Progress on all fronts – An overview of the literacy/numeracy developments in Birmingham since 1995.

Core Skills Achievements in Birmingham: Surely a reason to claim success – At the end of its planned attempt to bring about substantial changes in the core skills levels of the city as a whole, the Core Skills Development looks at what it considers to be success for Birmingham.

Adventures with Stans

The several articles in this section cover an overview of places whose names end in -stan; famous people with the name Stanley; and then an imaginative leap that begins to speculate what might happen if several (historical or fictional) people were to go on a grand adventure together in some of the -stan countries.


This article looks at the history of bureaucracy and its changing nature as society changes

An interim stocktake of the R:2025 activity

September 2016, one third of the way through the R:2025 fifteen year creative activity, was judged to be a good time to undertake an early stocktake of progress being made and work still to do.